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The Girl Who Was Buried in Her Ball Gown:



After one of the best evenings of her life at the junior high school ball, a young girl experiences her first kiss. During the amazing, yet awkward moment, something goes horribly wrong and her life is turned completely upside down. Soon she realises that her new existence has been severed from the usual humdrum of a typical teenage girl, and that she has been hurled into the world of the supernatural. Who can she trust, where can she turn? And what is it that she finds so uncomfortable about another girl, that has befriended her in this spooky realm? Why is this impostor leading her to places she does not want to go and pretending to be someone that she is not? As the young girl drifts along unknown paths she begins to unravel the mysteries, learns of new threats that are unpredictable and finds herself in situations that cannot be controlled. She discovers that these erratic menaces, are more than able to cross both lines, creating havoc wherever they appear. Will she find all of the answers and be able to pick up the pieces, or will she be lost in this shady oblivion forever?


***** Wow, what an incredible story! Ian King hit the mark with this one. This story grabs you and won’t let go until the end! I won’t spoil the plot...


***** Such a courageous way to write a story; where most books are just ending, this one starts. The author then goes on to create an entire world beyond... more

***** Excellent book, a real page turner, hit a few emotional buttons, follows the path of a new "life" as a ghost caught between death and the future. introduces humour and carry over behaviour. (Kevin)

***** I could not put this book down. The author obviously has a fantastic grasp of how to influence perceptions of others through his clever story telling abilities. He challenges perceptions of... more

**** Now this book is a bit different. Once you get over 'The Book Thief' narrator being dead or death, you can get your head around 'Ball Gown'. It's a hard book to review without giving away... more

**** "The Girl Who Was Buried in her Ball Gown", faces a number of challenges as she struggles and comes to terms with her sadness and frustration at being a ghost. At the same... more

**** I read this in just under a day, two sittings, and thoroughly enjoyed it. While it holds elements of the Ghost (the movie), the book stands on its own due to its location and inclusion of the New Zealand... more

Origins Halloween:


A Dramatic AudioBook is included with this title. Warning, contents may disturb some listeners.


Morgan, an early settler, is finding it hard to fit into their new community along with his wife and teenage daughter Suzie. And during his fortnightly visit into town several miles away, he learns that it will only get harder as the winds of winter blow in upon them. Travel with Morgan and his daughter into the sick society he did not suspect dwelled so close to them within these cold, lonely mountains. They soon discover that the 'All-hallows-eve' celebrations play an all-encompassing part in this new society, a part that may be too powerful for him and his family to overcome. Delve into the sinister past of the celebrations, if you dare. Follow this small mountain-dwelling family into the nightmare they never knew was upon them - until it was too late. Will they survive, or will they pass away into history like so many others before them?


***** This is a highly original enjoyable read, relentless in its pace, macabre in its plot, that has a narrative voice uniquely its own. King has created an...


***** Origins by Ian King is a great book for many reasons. Other than being a great story - it makes you think! And I promise, you will never look at Halloween the same way again, which is the whole point, as the author is teaching as well as entertaining you. I love the sound effect dynamics... more

**** Like 'The Girl Who Was Buried in Her Ball Gown' this is a dark story with spooky and really nasty dudes being as despicable as possible. It's a quick read those horror-genre fans. As for me, I take... more

**** I enjoyed the tale. It reminded me in part of The Wicker Man; and like most Hollywood horror tales, it employs a good dose of artistic licence around Halloween. (Chris)

**** A good page turner. Very vivid descriptions (Kevin)

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