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Under The Ocean (Original):



One night a violent storm blows into Stingray Bay, while three siblings try to break the holiday boredom in their parents caravan. Suddenly, they are hurled into the ocean from the cliffs and find themselves thrust into a sub–sea expedition with unexpected twists and turns everywhere. Soon, they are struggling against the clock in a dangerous journey that will take their breath away! An endless abyss seeks to crush them, deep–sea monsters try to consume them and others that have found themselves transported into this watery grave. Will a daring rescue plan hatched by General Sabaoth, the ruler of this watery domain be able to save them? Will the kids even survive a single night? What lessons will they learn on this treacherous journey?It is up to the children to make the tough decisions and to risk everything for a stranger they neither know – nor trust. What will become of these visitors in the haunted realms of the deep?


*** I won a copy of this book from Goodreads. Hurray! This story reminds me of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, in a different setting. Siblings go to a different realm -- full of fantastic... more

Graveyard Hill:

Audiobook DEMO:


Two young cousins embark on an adventure, full with story telling, great foods and ghost haunting's. Heart-beats rise and minds rage as strange noises are heard outside their tent. What is wandering around, sniffing their sanctuary and threatening their safety? Will they even survive to see the morning sunrise again? Follow the boys into a journey of discovery where the learn that all is not what it seems. Bonus Short Story Included: 'Any Blood Idiot.'


***** Ian King has done it again! A masterful story teller and a brilliant author, I loved this book. It is a must read! (Sylvester)

**** I liked this. It reminded me of a scene in the book The Goonies where the kids spooked each other with ghost stories in the dark. It had the nice “story within a story” device... more

**** This is a tight short story suitable for fairly young readers. It builds up to a punch-line climax. (Richard)

**** quick read and page-turner. (Kevin)

Under The Ocean:

You may ask why is this in here again. That's because I have actually written two versions of this story. This one has been written in first person while the other one was actually my original version (third person). It even has a different cover.
So, if you end up loving my story so much, you can actually get this different version to add to your collection. Trust me, they are narrated very differently.


Three siblings are blown off the cliffs of Stingray bay, they find themselves caught up in a treacherous sub-sea mission. An endless abyss wishes to crush them and giant sea monsters desire to sink their teeth into them. A daring rescue plan is hatched and it's up to the children to make the tough decisions, to risk everything for a stranger they neither know, nor trust. Is he an enemy, or foe?

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